The Training

You don’t need to have been exercising for a long time to take part in our sessions. People who haven’t exercised much before (or for a long time) will benefit from the instruction and the friendly atmosphere. We know it’s not fun getting into exercise but we’ve been there too (Both Mac and Lynsey used to be big drinkers and smokers – and weigh 10-15kgs more than they do now) so we get it. People who have been training for a long time but have plateaued also get big benefits from group training. We can’t really explain it but we’ve seen guys  who’ve been training for years increase their best lifts by 20kgs in a week! Read on for more detailed descriptions of our sessions or check out the timetable for times:

Strength Training

IMG_9430In Strength session we concentrate on our big basic lifts, like bench press, chin-ups, squats, deadlifts and various versions of pushing and pulling. Big movements that recruit lots of muscles means you work hard, get stronger, feel good. Learning the correct technique means you will be able to lift more and are at less risk of injury. More muscle mass means you burn more calories by just being alive, and being stronger simply makes life easier!

X – Training

IMG_9702In x-training we mix it all up. No two sessions are the same, we mix weights and cardio with body-weight exercises and play around with things like kettle-bells, olympic rings, TRX and medicine balls. Sessions might be interval style, where you doing things very hard for short bursts of time with lots of rest, or it might be consistent effort for 20 mins. Usually you will end up red and sweaty but that’s the point! We tailor the workouts so all levels can benefit.

Pre/Post natal

family croppedWe don’t really have specific sessions for pre-post natal, but if you’ve been exercising up to becoming pregnant and you still feel comfortable doing so then you are welcome to come along. Lynsey and Kate both exercised through both their pregnancies and soon after the birth of their babies so they are very comfortable tailoring programs to suit. Post-natal, we can do a few one-on-one sessions to kick off and then if you have non-mobile babies you can bring them along Fri morning at 10.30am for mums and bubs Pilates or to any of our lunch-time sessions. Older than that if you can organise a group of 3 or 4 then Lynsey can take you all to the park to train there. (It normally works out okay).


macanddariusHaving spent a few months living and training in Thailand this year, we still like to keep our Muay Thai dreams alive with  a token Kick-boxing class at midday on Saturday. Mac will take you through some pad-work and drills and we can supply gloves if you need. It makes a fun change from our usual schedule keeps you out of trouble for the first half of the weekend.


13466067_633544543478400_2720597520942482257_nWe don’t run the ACROPLAY sessions ourselves but share our space with Sydney Acrobatics School on a Monday night – so if you’re keen to give this unique training style a go, contact John directly and he can tell you all about the course structure and fees. Acroplay is a blend of Acrobatics, Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Flexibility secrets and Secrets of Circus teaching and targeted conditioning to create a new style of intensive, result driven training, taught by acrobats, that is like no other and importantly very much fun too.



Not ready to commit to acrobatics just yet? Mac runs a ‘movement’ class on Tuesdays at 6pm, 30mins of tumbling, and working on just getting upside down, headstands and preparation for handstands. Basically learning how to be a kid again.

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