Our Trainers the faces that make it happen!

Mac and Lynsey hooked up in 2007 and have been partners ever since, both in and out of the gym. Whilst in Berlin drinking beer, making art and chaperoning drunk tourists around the city, their idea of starting a dedicated Small Group Training Studio started to take shape.  Both born into fitness, spending their childhoods hanging around squash courts and the back of aerobics studios, they both took some time out of the gym before succumbing to the inevitable and returning with their own brand of training.

Lynsey began her career in Fitness as a boxing and kick-boxing instructor and Mac as a gym instructor and personal trainer. They are both into fighting, lifting heavy weights and helping their members do things they never thought they would be able to. Mac has been in the gym game for about 15 years and Lynsey 10. Now with two small kids in tow they are keen to get more littlies in the gym and making it more fun for grown-ups!

Clint Musgrave


Clint is a real powerhouseand loves to share his crazy enthusiasm for fitness and strength with everyone!

Mclean Redinbaugh


Mac believes in doing everything hard, training, playing, and learning new tricks. He loves punching, handstands & lifting heavy

Lynsey McGee


Lynsey finds time between being a mother of 2 small children and an aspiring painter to bring you the best workouts for your time spent

Your Local Small Group Training Studio

With our group training sessions, combine fitness & weight training in a simple and friendly space. Our group training sessions are unique to MyGym – you do all the work, without any machines! Focusing on full body movements aimed to recruit as many muscles as possible, every training session is different! Our programs are cheaper than one-on-one personal training, but expect similar benefits. Joining us also gives you access to Hiscoes fully equipped gym and classic fitness classes like yoga, pilates and boxing so you can compliment your training.

Still not sure? The team at MyGym are offering a gym trial for two weeks!

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