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Improve your flexibility with us!

mygym training groupWe are often so focused on getting fitter and stronger that we neglect to work on flexibility, but it’s really important! (I’m fining this especially now I’ve hit forty…) Read about flexibility and how it’s functional.

Focussing on Flexibility you can hope to:

  • Increase your range of motion – Often people who work at computers have hunched upper backs and tight shoulders and neck, which makes it difficult to do any overhead movements.
  • Improve performance – There are lots of exercises where a lack of flexibility can reduce performance, increasing your flexibility means you’ll have less difficulty performing exercises correctly and getting the full benefit (think deep squats…)
  • Decrease¬†risk of injury – this applies not only in the gym but also in every day life – it’s going to make it easier to pick your kids up or lunge for that tennis ball…carry the groceries…. you know what I mean.
  • Help avoid muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are what you see when you look at someone who is hunched over = a tight chest and over stretched back – looks bad right? Plus tightness in one part of the body can lead to over compensation by other muscles = more injuries/muscle soreness
  • Alleviate pain. Everyone has felt their back twinge once in a while right? Or maybe reaching to the floor is too painful? It shouldn’t be – we can fix this!
  • Reduce stress. There is actually a reason so many people are doing yoga – looser muscles and a more supple body can help you stress and breathe more.

During our Small Group Training sessions (Strength Sessions especially) we aim to begin or end each session with stretching and/or mobility exercises to help you improve your flexibility. You’ll also do all the regular MyGym stuff so you get a balanced workout. Here’s an example of a dynamic flexibility warm-up.

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