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At MyGym, our main focus is getting you fitter, stronger, faster, more flexible – so that life is just easier and you get to do more fun stuff. We try not to worry too much about the diet side of things because a.) we’re not nutritionists, or dieticians anyway and b.) it’s boring.

But after you’ve been training for a while, there comes a point where, if you want to lose fat, you just can’t out train a bad diet. If you have never exercised before (well not much anyway) and you start hitting the gym pretty intensely a few times a week, you’ll definitely start to see changes because you’ve increased your output. Eventually the changes slow and then stop and if you want to see more – you’re going to have to look at your input.

So think of our  diet as a chance to break some bad habits and develop some new ones. There’s a lot of information out there – which at times can be paralysing – so we’ve just gathered what we’ve learned over the years and written you a list. I’ve made it fairly strict, because quite frankly, I know you’re going to cheat, but if I make it strict then hopefully when you cheat it won’t be too drastic. Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, this is just a diet that has worked for me and my clients over the years. If you have specific dietary requirements, or your pregnant or anything else that might affect you – see a professional!


Write down what you eat and drink for three days (don’t lie) and then take a look at it and answer these questions:

  1. What drinks are listed that aren’t water?
  2. What has added sugar (biscuits, cake, ice-cream, sugary yoghurt or cereals?)
  3. Anything fried?
  4. Alcohol? (Also included in drinks that aren’t water)

In preparation for your diet how about having a go at cutting those things from your diet? That might even be enough to help you drop a couple of unwanted kgs. You see even though people have lots of ideas on how to lose weight, it’s actually quite simple calories in = calories out. Want to lose weight? Eat less, do more.


The basic idea is to eat foods that are low in sugar and fat and high in protein and nutrients. So basically we’re talking, meat, fish tofu or eggs and loads of veggies (mostly green).

You need to eat regularly (to avoid wanting to binge) which, for most people will fall into: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner – approx every 3 hours.

And you can take one day off a week, for the  purpose of your sanity and those around you and also because it’s important to say yes when people invite you for dinner. And when you start looking all hot because of all this dieting and exercising you’ve been doing and a guy offers to buy you a drink … you don’t want to be saying no thanks I’m on a diet!

Eat the vegetables on the ‘eat freely’ list any time of the day but try and keep your carbs to the morning only and avoid having any fat with them.









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