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Fitspo, if you don’t know and I didn’t until a year, or maximum two years, ag, = fitspiration, which is not even word and won’t even make it into the MAClopaedia, (if you don’t get that reference you just haven’t met Mac yet). Fit inspiration – supposedly inspiring us to get fit. Urgh, inspiring me to start an ani-fitspo movement more likely. I really don’t care to see another tall skinny girl taking a selfie in the mirror. I am never (ever) going to be 6 foot tall and am never (ever) going to look like that, so it’s inspiring me how exactly? Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy watching some of the neat tricks people do and I like to steal workout ideas as well, although I have to say, I really do just use them for inspiration. Most of the workouts, and at least some of the exercises that you find in Instagram posts, can usually do with a bit of improvement, a bit like some of the workouts or exercises that you find in publications like Men’s Health.

Men’s Health

This is not a dig at Men’s Health, there’s a lot of good material there, I’m just using Men’s Health as an example because it’s so well-known. Most of the time what you read in something like Men’s Health in particular, is going to be pretty solid. They would certainly have trainers and editors checking that there’s nothing in there that’s going to cause injury or is written by someone who has no credentials. What you do need to remember, however is that these articles are written by people who have deadlines and often have to place a product as well. Or they might have used all their good ‘back exercises’ in last week’s issue and need to do something different this week and therefore choose less efficient exercises simply for variety. A ‘functional training workout’ article might feature photos of a model who follows a strict body-building regime and definitely didn’t do those type of workouts to get the results you’re looking at. I guess what I’m saying is, it might not always be the writer’s best work and you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you see.

So who to follow?

I like a few massive North American guys, who eat burgers and lift heavy weights, they totally align with my training philosophy. I also follow a guy in Brazil who very occasionally does a few good workouts, but always, always, always has a room full of hot women doing them. So how should you choose who to follow? Follow people who you find interesting and funny and who also come up with a few moves you’d like to have a go at in the gym yourself. Who you don’t want to follow are people who only post selfies, #fitspo, #postworkoutselfie, #gymlyfe, especially if they can’t spell life, never EVER follow anyone who spells life, L-Y-F-E.

Why you shouldn’t believe everything I say

So that’s why you probably shouldn’t always believe everything I say in my blogs, not because it’s wrong (it would never be wrong) but I quite possibly might have been writing it on a Friday night after a few beers… or it simply might not be the right workout, or the best exercise to help you reach your goals. If you want to bulk up you probably shouldn’t be doing some of the crazy compound exercises I like to do. If you want to lose weight, you should probably just put the cake down NOW. So next time your insta-stalking some fit hot guy (I totally recommend @humanfitproject, by the way, if that’s something you are interested in) don’t just copy the exercises, ask us if it’s worth doing, we are your trainers and that’s what we’re here for. Best of all you get to see us in the flesh, not on a screen, and we totally know our shit.


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