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Oct 19, 2016 Diet , , , 0 Comments

Beer – really?

Most trainers will tell you that beer and exercise don’t go together. They might be right, but we’re not most trainers… The reason I got to thinking about this was that last Sunday I had a beer pre-yoga class and I really did have one of the best yoga classes I’d ever had. I could extend a bit further, I tried a couple of balances I’d never done before, I walked out of there feeling like I’d spent my time well. So was it the beer, or was I just having a good day?


A pre-workout beer can give you a bit of quick energy. I’m not such a  fan of ‘pre-workout’ drinks generally – I think they work for people who are fairly strict with their intake and know what they are also going to have ‘post-workout’ as well as what they will be eating and drinking for the rest of the day. Most of us non-gym junkies generally don’t know or really care, in which case, I’d say just stick to water. We all know that water is the cheapest, easiest, calorie free thing we can drink, whenever we like – so why wouldn’t you? Personally, before the workout, the one beer actually helped me relax a bit, maybe even boosted the confidence a little, so I felt like trying new things, and loosening up a little is always a bonus (especially as I’m getting on in years now).


There’s not much to show that a beer will help you post-workout. Because it’s a diuretic, you’ll urinate more, which leads to dehydration, which is unhelpful for recovery. But one is not going to to hurt, while you get your lean protein and veggie dinner ready. As a quick bit of energy replenishment after your workout one beer is fine, (that’s when it tastes most delicious anyway!) but the best fuel for your recovery would definitely be a meal containing a portion of protein. And more water of course.

When NOT to drink beer

Don’t drink beer if you are trying to lose weight. Even a low carb beer has 105 calories. And once you’ve had two it gets harder stop I find…. And don’t drink beer just out of habit. It’s not worth the calories. Drink it, enjoy it but only when you really want it.

If you are hoping to trim off a couple of excess kgs – why not join us for ‘NO’vember, when we do say no to beer (and a few other things besides) and tighten up the diet a bit in readiness to put it on again all over the festive season! Find out more about our NOvember diet

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