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3372024396_c369b50c3e_bMore than just an upper body exercise

If you’re a female you might think that doing a Chin-Up is just too far out of reach and there’s no reason to even try, but I’m here to tell you that apart from working nearly every muscle in your upper body, including your upper back muscles, shoulders and arms, they also work your core and that’s why it’s such a great exercise. There are loads of Chin-Up variations to help you get there, so don’t think you need to be able to pull yourself up straight away, you can start from the ground and use training aids.pull ups playground

Get a Sexy Back and Arms (and core)

Everyone wants to have a nice looking back and arms and Chin-Ups (or pull-ups) Are the best way to do this.  And unlike using the lat-pull down machine in the gym, where you are seated doing pull-ups also means you have to engage your core so you’ll actually feel a lot of muscle soreness in your abs! (And we all want to work that mid-section right?)

Functional Training

Developing the muscles you use for Chin-ups is also really FUNCTIONAL. It may not seem like it, but therchinupe could come a time when you have to boost yourself over a fence because you’ve locked yourself out of the house, or climb a tree to get your kid’s ball down, or even want to boost yourself up out of a swimming pool without looking like a flailing seal. Best of all being able to do a chin-ups makes it much easier to actually take up new sports, like rock-climbing or gymnastics – and that’s what we here at MyGym really want to encourage you to do.

Are you ready to get started working on Chin-Ups? Join our 6-week Chin-Up Challenge.

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