HIIT out at the Winter Blues


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Use HIIT Training as part of your workouts to beat boredom this winter

Some people say it’s hard to train in winter. I think it’s definitely harder to warm up in winter – and you really do need to. If you want some ideas here are my favourite warm-ups. And if you are someone who trains in the early morning, yes probably it is harder to train in winter. Never having been one for the early mornings myself, I actually find it easier training in winter… cold beers are not as tempting and there’s not quite as many other things I could be doing. Besides, I love hoodies, I love any chance I get to wear hoodies, so winter workouts here I come!

HIIT or Hype?

You might have heard a lot about HIIT and be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well High Intensity Interval Training is just as it’s described, short bursts of intense effort with breaks of either no exercise or low intensity exercise in between. When you do HIIT workouts basically your metabolism stays boosted long after your workout is over and that’s why people like it. They end up burning more calories than they would have if they had done a long slow cardio session = less time in the gym! And that’s what most of us want right? So SHORT answer, you can believe the hype, it does work.


I’m not suggesting you head into the gym and make every work out a HIIT workout. That would be very BORING and although you might initially get results, eventually they too would slow and maybe even stop…but adding a HIIT workout once a week, or better still adding a 5-1o minute HIIT burst at the end of a weight training session? Hell Yeah! Here is a very simple 10 minute finisher you can do at the end of any workout. Grab yourself a heavy kettlebell and a timer. Set the timer for 30seconds work and 30 seconds rest. Do ten rounds of heavy kettlebell swings with 30 seconds rest in between. It only takes ten minutes and it really works!


What better way to finish your workout than with abs? We all love abs right? It’s so much easier to do abs than to stop drinking beer (but I think you know that the only real way to have visible abs is to stop drinking beer right?) You can combine your abs and your HIIT in one foul swoop. Try this, walk out to plank 6 times, go from plank on your elbows back up to push ups position 6 times, in plank position bring your knee across to opposite elbow 6 times (keep your butt down) then bring your knee to the outside of your elbow 6 times and walk your hands back into standing. Do this as many times as you can in 5mins. That’s one ABtastic 5 minute interval and you’ve finished your workout!

Sound fun? If you don’t think you can do it on your own…we’ve got HIIT sessions on our timetable most days!

See you in the gym!

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