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So you want to get shredded?

Ha ha ha…I’m not here to tell you how to get shredded but ‘NO’vember is drawing near and as some of you who have been with us a while will remember, this is when we all get serious about trimming off a bit of fat (so that we can put it all back on again over the festive season). But how the hell are you going to do it? Here are three options:

The Low Carb Diet

The basics are have a bit of low GI carb for Breakfast, (without any fat with it) Eg. Low GI bread toast with scrapings of vegemite, tomato or fat free spread or oats or another cereal with skim milk (or even water if you were going to be totally serious and disgusting about it). Another fat-free low-GI snack for morning tea like an apple, a fat-free yoghurt etc. Then basically Protein and Low GI veggies/salad for the rest of the day. Definitely no booze. But you can have a cheat day. Here’s the full details: ‘NO’vember Diet Plan.

The Pros: This will definitely work and you can expect to lose a couple of quick kgs in the first week and then maybe 1/2-1kg a week after that (depends a bit on how much you have to lose and guys often lose more – bastards).  It’s also over pretty quickly. In 3 -4 weeks, you’ve lost 3-5kgs and then you’re ready to party your way through December and January and not worry so much about whether you put on a bit. Other pros are that lots of protein is quite filling so you won’t feel that hungry (but the low sugar means you will probably feel a bit dissatisfied).

The Cons: It’s pretty harsh, a little expensive (eating all that meat and fish) and takes a bit of preparation.

The 5:2

If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s also called the Fast Diet. You choose 2 days a week and dramatically restrict your intake to 500 calories for women and 600 for men. Here’s the link to the Fast Diet, you can read up on it and see if it’s for you. We know quite  few people who’ve had a lot of success with this one – but it’s not a quick fix, you need to commit to a couple of months at least. People who get into it actually report that even on non-fast days they eat a little bit less and are far more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies – which is a good thing!

The Pros: You only have to do it two days a week and you can quite honestly eat what you like on the other days. Doesn’t take as much planning as the Low-Carb and it’s cheaper too. It’s probably also better for the environment (consuming less). There are also significant health benefits to fasting and really it doesn’t hurt anyone to stop being a little piggy a couple of days a week does it?

The Cons: It’s a longer-term investment and you will be hungry on those fast days… but the hunger will pass.

The App

There are quite a few calorie counter/ exercise tracker apps on the market and this could be a good option for you. These apps go back to the most basic principle of weight loss – EAT LESS, DO MORE. You can’t really go wrong (unless you completely disregard the information you get from said app.) One of our clients is having success with Lifesum. After entering her current weight and height and a goal weight, the app suggests a total number of calories you should consume each day, combined with exercise. She then enters in what she’s eaten (and plans to eat) along with what she does for exercise and the app reminds her when she should slow down or burn a few more calories. You can read reviews of the different apps available before you choose one.

The Pros: You don’t need to restrict particular foods, just eat sensibly. You get a better understanding of how many calories things are and whether they are ‘worth’ it. It’s a good motivator to get to the gym!

The Cons: you need to like playing on your phone and be diligant with entering your data, and there’s no cheat days!

How to get started on a diet?

Just pick one. I don’t care which one, to be successful with any diet all you have to do it stick to it. Don’t cheat. We aren’t big advocates of any particular diet, as always what we are looking to encourage a balance between normal mostly healthy eating and being active as much as possible. If you’re like me, bad habits can creep into your daily eating and it doesn’t hurt to address them once in a while by dieting and reset what’s ‘normal’.

Clear out your cupboards and get measured. The scales don’t always reflect fatloss so it’s a good idea to get your measurements done. Start on Monday. Finish on Thursday December 3rd and let’s have MyGym Christmas Drinks to celebrate on Friday December 4th.


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