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GET READY to set yourself apart from other trainers and make your Small Group Training sessions MORE than bootcamp or parallel personal training.

In a traditional group fitness class the focus is mainly on the instructor who demonstrates every move and is solely responsible for maintaining the motivation of the class. Often ‘group training’ is simply a bootcamp style class for fewer participants, but the focus remains on the instructor. Personal training on the other hand is completely focused on the client. In some group training sessions participants simply work through exercises side-by-side. In a successful group training session the participants themselves should motivate each other to complete the workout.

As small group training is becoming increasingly popular, this program is targeted to personal trainers who are hoping to increase their knowledge and skills in order to train groups of 4-8 participants of varying age, fitness levels and abilities, using resistance exercises. With bodyweight exercise alone, clients reach a plateau sooner and you are at more risk of them dropping out. Increased use of weight-training in your programs will lead to increased success for your participants and therefore adherence to the program = more $ for you.


After completing the Small Group Training course Fitness Professionals will be able to:

  • Differentiate between small group training and ‘bootcamp’ style training – which is basically a general class – and parallel personal training, where the participant does things mostly on their own but next to someone else.
  • Pro/re-gress exercises whilst maintaining a group balance
  • Use the ‘group’ setting as a motivator.
  • Safely incorporate weight training into their group sessions as a key element to success
  • Distance their programs from ‘Crossfit’ or ‘Bootcamp’ style training

Course Outline

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