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Thanks to you, Mac and the team….I joined unable to lift a bag of sugar and left with Abs (when on the Mardi Gras diet). It’s been a great 3 years!


MY GYM is a great way to get fit and stay that way in an environment that accepts you for your level of fitness. The small class size is perfect because you get lots of one on one time, whether you’re new and need to learn the techniques, or experienced and need pushing to the next level. Its got a friendly community that makes you feel welcome but also challenges you. To keep you interested, the exercises are always varied, but always leave you exhausted. I first went about a year ago, and have kept coming back. I can’t recommend it enough. AAAAAAAA+++++ 5 kettlebells out of 5, would lift again.

AND We didn’t even have to bribe him to say that! Come and see for yourself


IMG_9648Is pictured here doing chin-ups on olympic rings – when I first met her she would never have believed she could do such a thing. But she stuck at it and after shedding kg after kg (and she won’t tell us exactly how many) she is a different person. I don’t mean to blow our own trumpet (but I actually I do) she’ll be the first to say, “I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but MyGym has changed my life.” Mac and I don’t deserve the credit here, she did all the hard work herself but we are sure glad to have helped.


Small Group Personal Training Studio

Located inside our fully equipped partner gym Hiscoes our group training sessions, combine fitness & weight training in a simple and friendly space. Our group training sessions are unique to MyGym – you do all the work, without any machines! Focusing on full body movements aimed to recruit as many muscles as possible, every training session is different! Our programs are cheaper than one-on-one personal training, but expect similar benefits.

Still not sure? The team at MyGym are offering a gym trial for two weeks!

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