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Hi there1Welcome to MyGym!The Gym2 for people who’d rather be at the pubFunctional Fitness3 weight trainingGet Fit, Get Strong,4Meet some nice folks

MyGym Group Training Sessions lie somewhere between big boot-camp style aerobics classes and one-on-one personal training. You get similar benefits to personal training because your trainer really gets to know you and how hard to work you. You share the session (and the price) with a few others, which makes it cheaper and more fun. It also means there is a schedule of training times to choose, giving you more flexibility.

With MyGym’s group training sessions, you can expect to see FAST improvements. We use simple equipment like kettle-bells, olympic rings, TRX suspension straps and weightlifting moves, in a smaller group you get proper instruction and there’s less risk of injury. Our dynamic sessions are a great way for newcomers to learn different training styles and stay motivated as every session is unique.

Each training session is different depending on who your trainer is (try bribing them with coffee or other small gifts to get what you want) and who you are training with. Our trainers are experienced with creating custom workout sessions for our members, so if you have any injuries or concerns, we will ensure our sessions still work for you.

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Training Sessions Offered

Strength Training


In Strength Training Sessions we concentrate on our big basic lifts, like bench press, chin-ups, squats, deadlifts and various versions of pushing and pulling. Big movements that recruit lots of muscles means you work hard, get stronger, feel good. Learning the correct technique means you will be able to lift more and are at less risk of injury. More muscle mass means you burn more calories by just being alive, and being stronger simply makes life easier! Group Size maximum about 8 people. Great for people new to weight-lifting or experienced people who have plateaued. STRENGTH TRAINING TIMETABLE

X – Training


In X-Training Sessions, we mix it all up. No two sessions are the same, we mix weights and cardio with body-weight exercises and play around with things like olympic rings, weightlifting, monkey bars and complex kettlebell moves. Sessions might be interval style, where you doing things very hard for short bursts of time with lots of rest, or it might be consistent effort for 20 mins. Usually you will end up red and sweaty but that’s the point! We tailor the workouts so all levels can benefit. Group Size Max 8. X-TRAINING TIMETABLE


We don’t run the ACROPLAY sessions ourselves but share our space with Sydney Acrobatics School on a Monday night – so if you’re keen to give this unique training style a go, contact John directly and he can tell you all about the course structure and fees. Acroplay is a blend of Acrobatics, Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Flexibility secrets and Secrets of Circus teaching and targeted conditioning to create a new style of intensive, result driven training, taught by acrobats, that is like no other and importantly very much fun too.

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