8-WEEK CHALLENGE - the low down

Who’s it for?

You should do the challenge if you are looking for some added motivation, are ready to put in some time and effort and want to hit some fitness goals!

What happens?

First you register your interest by shooting us an email and make sure you are signed up for unlimited weekly sessions. Saturday May 25th is session 1, from 9am we’re gonna get you to lift some heavy stuff and take notes. (We can do some body measurements too if that’s important to you). Then the hard work starts. Every workout you do from that day gets you a sticker and the winner of our 8-week Challenge is the person who completes all their workouts. Each week you’ll complete a weekly challenge and get an email from us with training tips and advice to keep you on track.

How do you score points?

Our aim is for you to be able to lift heavier weights by the end of the challenge, so we need you to complete all your weight-training workouts PLUS a long slow cardio session AND a stretch session each week along with the weekly challeng that we’ll send to you. If you don’t do it in the gym with us you need to post a pic and your points request to the facebook group. You’ll have a workout diary to record your weights and we’ll have a weekly tally on the board in the gym.

What are the Challenges?

Do you think we’re silly enough to tell you before you start? No, but there will be one for each week and you’ll have the whole week to get it done. Think something like complete 1000 push-ups in a week. Not heaps of fun but definitely achievable. Your MyGym trainers will help make sure you get your challenges done. If you get it done outside the gym you’ll have to provide some photo or video evidence.

What about the workouts?

We will put everyone on a specific weights program that you will be working on in your strength sessions. X-Training sessions will be a bit of everything as per usual, but will focus on weekly challenges. We recommend including some kind of stretching where possible. Read more about flexibility and why it’s important. Even though this is a training focused challenge we know some of you will be working on losing a bit of fat too – if that’s you check out our diet page.

What happens at the end?

Saturday July 20 will be the end of the Challenge! We’ll record your best lifts again and see how much you’ve improved! The Challenge Winners get a month of unlimited small group training with us. There will also be runner’s up prizes, including awards for most improved – and the opportunity to get your own back on the trainers and put them through a workout! Everyone who completes the Challenge (gets 100 points) will get a Hiscoes Tote or  Shirt.

How do I prepare?

Did you email us yet? You need to do that. And then join the MyGym facebook group. (This is a separate thing to our facebook business page so feel free to make rude comments etc and don’t worry about posting ugly photos of yourself). You can even start working on your deadlift and squat now. Email info@mygym.net.au


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