Chin-Up Challenge

Working towards that ever elusive first Chin-up? Or maybe just want to do more?

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Chin-ups are a powerful body-weight exercise that not only work the upper body including back and arms but also the abs and core. At MyGym we believe that everyone should be working towards Chin-ups and during our sessions we do a lot of work on strengthening the back and arms so that you can work towards achieving your first Chin-Up. Read about why you should be trying for Chin-ups. If you can already do a Chin-up, then you can work on getting full extension, adding reps and maybe even getting started towards a muscle-up!

It doesn’t matter if you think that it’s never going to be possible for you to get to a full chin-up. A. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try and have a goal to work towards. Here is a guide to the stages we work through to get you to a chin-up Chin-up Workout Progressions¬†

During our STRENGTH Sessions you can expect to work the various muscles involved in achieving chin-ups along with other exercises to enqure you get full body workout. Here is a sample strength workout plan that will help you in your chin-up quest. In this article from Redefining Strength, How to do a Pull-Up, you’ll also find great stretching examples that will help increase flexibility in your chest and lats, which are often tight from sitting hunched over a computer all day. If these muscles are too tight, you won’t be able to engage the ones you need to correctly when you attempt your chin-ups. Even if you aren’t ready to start working towards Chin-Ups right now, we recommend getting started with those stretches, to alleviate back pain and should pain and give you a greater range of motion.

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