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I can’t take credit for this list, but it’s a good one, borrowed from Bobby Reisz, (why do extra work when someone have already done it for you eh?) Looking forward to focusing on flexibility in September, you can bank on experiencing some (or all) of these in your warm-ups. Want to join in? Find out about our 6-Week Flexibility Program



1. FORWARD LUNGE WALK WITH A TWIST—while lunge walking bring elbows to outside of knee;  ex:  left knee out, bring right elbow to lateral left knee

2. BACKWARD LUNGE WALK WITH A TWIST—same thing but backwards

3. FORWARD LUNGE REACHING UP AND DIAGONAL—whichever knee in forward that is the way you are reaching up and diagonal.  You will feel this stretch in the hip flexor area

4. BACKWARD LUNGE REACHING BACK AND DIAGONAL—same principle but backwards

5. LUNGE WALK BRINGING FOREARM TO INSTEP OF FOOT—when lunging with right knee forward bring left forearm to the right foot

6. LATERAL LUNGE—this occurs both right and left getting deep into a lateral squat position

7. HIGH KNEE UP AND GRAB—pull knee up to chest while coming up high on toe of opposite foot while walking.  Alternate

8. GRAB ANKLE AND PULL TO BUTT—pull ankle up to butt while coming up high on foot while walking

9. PULL SHIN UP TO BUTT—when stretching right leg:  use left hand to grab right foot and use right hand with overhand grip to grab right shin feeling a stretch in the glut/piriformis area while walking

10. TIN SOLDIERS REGULAR—keep hands out front like soldier kicking same leg up to same hand.  Opposite arm to opposite foot.

11. TIN SOLDIERS ACROSS—same thing except kick opposite leg to opposite arm

12. OPPOSITE ARM TO OPPOSITE TOE—bend over and grab toe with opposite arm while walking

13. PRONE POSITION TO A  “V” UP (INCH WORM)—start in prone position and walk forward with hands and feet simultaneously until feeling stretch in hams.  Do this down field

14. FORWARD LEG SWINGS—hang on to partner or fence and forcefully kick leg forward and backward

15. SIDE TO SIDE LEG UPS—hang on to partner or fence and swing legs up to the side

16. SUMO GROIN STRETCH—toes are pointed outward while flexing knees or bending down

17. SCPORPION—lye prone and swing right leg over to left while keeping pelvis on floor.  Repeat this with other side.  Good one to start with.

18. PUSH KNEE OUT TO SIDE –Groin stretch while  coming up on opposite toe

19. SPIDERMAN’S—On all fours bringing knee up to elbow alternating

20. SINGLE LEG RDL’S—Alternate legs as you move forward

21. FIGURE FOUR—Pull opposite foot to opposite hip flexor

22. REVERSE FIGURE FOUR—Underhand grip externally rotating hip bringing ankle up

23. INCHWORM—Start out on hands walk out to a push-up position, and then walk up with feet to your hands.  Keep legs straight whole time.  (Hamstring stretch)

24. DEEP LUNGE—Bring right elbow to left foot performing a lunge then alternate.  Attempt to touch your elbow to the ground


1. ARM CIRCLES-  can do 3 exercises here:

• Forward and backward walking on toes and heels

• Sided to side walking on lateral foot

• Alternate forward and backward

2. MIMIC THE ACTUAL SPORT YOU ARE WARMING UP FOR:  be creative here EX; baseball player use throwing motion or fielding a ball

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