Eating Clean in Feb


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Who wants to join me in a bit of a clean eating drive this month?

I don’t know about you but I’ve put on 3 kgs since the start of December and I’m literally starting to feel the bulge, my jeans are just that little bit too tight (and I like tight jeans) and there’s a bit of overhang there. I’m afraid the joyous abandon of my regular eating and drinking habits that I thought was a good idea for Christmas has just continued throughout the whole of January and now it’s time to get back down to business. Which for me means cutting the CRAP – Carbs (though not completely I am not the carb police) Refined sugar, Alcohol and heavily Processed foods.

The Plan:

I’m going to make it really simple. You get to eat Low GI Carbs for breakfast, without any fat, then you get to eat your protein (with a small amount of fat) and ultra Low GI Carbs for the rest of the day. Try to stick to things on the lists below. You don’t have to avoid dairy but if you are keen to lose a few quick kilos then I would recommend it. After a few weeks you might want to add some legumes like chickpeas and lentils to your protein meals just keep things interesting.

Low GI Carbs:

  • All Bran Cereal
  • Rice Bran Cereal
  • apples
  • pears
  • apricots
  • plums
  • strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • fat free yoghurt
  • Herman Brot Low Carb Bread (from the IGA on Oxford)
  • Burgen Mixed Grain or Oat-Bran and Honey Bread

Remember try to avoid having fat with your carbs, so a little bit of milk on the cereal is ok but not too much, and no butter on your toast: try scrapes of vegemite, tomato slices, fat free jam…


  • eggs
  • tofu
  • nuts (but not too many as they are quite fatty)
  • low fat cuts of meat (no sausages!)
  • fish

Ultra Low carb veggies – eat freely!

  • leafy greeens- spinach, kale (not my favourite unless its fried), lettuce etc
  • green beans
  • celery
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • cauliflour
  • snow peas
  • cucumber
  • sprouts
  • radishes
  • asian greens – bok choy, pak choy, choy sum etc
  • leeks
  • brussell sprouts
  • onions
  • capsicum
  • eggplant
  • bamboo shoots

Tips on how to stick to your clean eating plan:

Take a day off. Don’t start with a day off, but allow yourself a night out with your friends and a few drinks (or even more than a few) because boredom is a killer! I’ve got a few social occasions coming up and I totally want to hang out and not worry too much on those days. Try to limit your days off to one per week.

Get your snacks ready – it’s really too hard to be hungry and not have what you need on hand – if you go to the shop hungry, it’s hard to go past all the other stuff.

Have some meal ideas and try and make it yourself (or get someone to do it for you if you aren’t a very good cook). I like things like: San Choy Bao, Stifries, Paleo Spaghetti (where you use zucchini instead of pasta – you could try the same using eggplant instead of pasta for a kind of Paleo lasagna) then various kinds of grilled fish, meat or tofu and salad.

Use lots of fresh herbs, chilli and garlic to spice things ups and keep them interesting and try tossing a few nuts or seeds into your salads for extra crunch Make your own salad dressings with lemon or white vinegar and read the labels on sauces, you’re best off sticking to mustard and soy sauce (most other sauces like tomato and store bought dressing are filled with sugar).

Drink lots of water all day – make it sparkling and add fresh lemon or lime to fancy it up.

What to expect?

A bit of grumpiness? Yes definitely, most people eat a lot of sugar without knowing it so it can be a bit of a detox at first. But after a couple of days this should pass. Weigh yourself now (preferably get someone to do your measurements if you can) and then wait until the end of the week to do it again. Don’t give up if you don’t see results instantly some times it can take a couple of weeks to show on the scales.


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