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How to get better at Box Jumps

Box-JumpsThis week marks week four of our Spring fitness Challenge. Last week’s 1000 push-up challenge was way harder than I thought it was going to be! But I’ve forgotten about it already and now we are moving on to something new. This week, your goal is to increase the height of your box jump! A lot of people are actually a bit scared of jumping on the plyometric boxes, if this is you, then your goal is to just get rid of that fear, and I don’t care how high you jump. Everyone else’s goal is to hit the next box or if you can already jump on our highest plyo box then you will have to put a weight plate on top of it.


Normally I hate to say sentences that begin with the word visualise…It reminds me of a clip in the Chaser when they they did a skit about ‘The Secret’ which you may remember, I highly recommend taking a look at it again because it is hilarious. If you have never heard of ‘the Secret’, it was a popular self-help book in 2006 which basically claims that positive thinking can have life-changing results. I can tell you now, I have definitely tried thinking myself skinny and it just doesn’t work! But in the case of box jumps, in can be helpful to step up on to the box that you want to jump on, so you can get used to being that high. In fact stepping up and then squatting on top of the box (in the position that your feet would land in) is a great way to get used to (or visualise) being at the height you’d like to get to.

Start and land on two feet

Sounds like I am stating the obvious right? Well you’d be surprised…Often people actually land one foot before the other. So it’s a good idea to start at a lower box and check how you are landing. Don’t go for lots of reps at the low box, just do a few with good form. Then increase the height. This might also be stating the obvious but but your hips need to be higher than your feet. If your hips aren’t higher than your feet, don’t increase the height.

Get good at squatting and deadlifting

Are there any reasons not to get good at squatting and deadlifting? Didn’t think so… Increasing your lower body strength will increase your box jumps. Stronger muscles produce more force and therefore = a higher jump!

Why Box Jumps Anyway?

What a great way to work the legs and the butt and burn loads of calories. Jumping is also fun and you will feel really great if you can jump high well. Box jumps also prepare you for other sports and it’s a great thing to take your fitness and strength out of the gym and in to trying other things.

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